Open Thread for June 17, 2011

"Green Lantern," "Mr. Popper's Penguins," and Anthony Wiener's resignation. What a great week, America!

In deepest thought…

With utmost fluency…

No terrible Hollywood tentpole shall escape our scrutiny!

That’s right, folks. The Green Lantern movie has finally landed, and surprise: critics hated it! Like, “22% on Rotten Tomatoes” hated it! According to The New York Times’ Manohla Dargis,

Green Lantern is bad.

Way to underthink it, Manohla. Gosh.

Can you folks do better? I suspect a lot of folks in the OTI-verse will still see this in spite of the bad reviews, so let us know if it’s any good, if it’s all an allegory for the War on Terror, if Blake Lively can act, and if Ryan Reynolds’ CGI costume is the best thing to happen to special effects since Avatar.

Well, at least now Alec Baldwin can be Mayor of New York.

In other news, Anthony Weiner finally withdrew from gave up on the notion of holding onto his House seat in the wake of the Twitter scandal and resigned. Our long national nightmare is finally over; let the healing begin. But please don’t stop with the dick jokes. At this point, they’re a major part of our GDP.

Hah! A Recession joke! The only thing better than a dick joke.

Comment of the Week: Thanks to Brian for doing the heavy lifting on Overthinking Super 8‘s zombie film-within-a-film and suburban setting:

Given [this previous OTI article on zombies and urban flight], I think Super 8 is sub-textually about oil scarcity changing the face of suburbia main points being 1. The zombies and urban flight article. 2. The monster uses tons of engines from cars to make his *water powered* space ship. 3. Every time the alien takes someone a car is a main part of the scene- a. being filled with gas b. a cherry picker truck fixing power lines c. right after Alice’s dad crashes. d. alien takes all engines out of entire car lot.

Sharp observations, Brian. You win…2 tickets to see Green Lantern! What’s that? You hear it sucks? Well, in that case, how about tickets to the other movie opening this weekend: Mr. Popper’s Penguins?

You’re welcome.