Monthly Archives: April 2008

Annals of Advertising

In 1965, the Hearst newspapers in San Francisco refused to print movie advertisements containing the words “cuties, flesh-a-scope, girlie, homosexual, immorality, lesbian, lust, naked, nothing on, nudies, nudist camp, nymphs, pervert, professional girls, prostitute, rape, scanty panties, seduce, skin-a-scope, sex, … Continued

It begins!!

Skyrocketing food prices cause riots on three continents. (via CNN) I told you this was bad news. Didn’t I tell you? Yeah, I told you. I’m not saying it’s time to start stockpiling spam and twinkies against the apocalypse… there’s … Continued

Back before we had a blog…

… if we wanted to entertain ourselves on the internets, we had to make stuff like this. I can’t believe some admin hasn’t deleted it yet. It’s been, what, five years now? That’s a pretty durable piece of vandalism.