Garfield on Overthinking It

Back to the Cat

Back to the Cat

Oh my friends, I have wonderful links for you! Via Slumbering Lungfish, blog of the deeply hilarious Lore Sjoberg, I was directed to Garkov.  Garkov is a site that takes old Garfield strips and cranks the dialogue through a Markov … Continued

The Worst of All Mondays

The Worst of All Mondays

Some of you may already be familiar with the so-called “Death of Garfield” comic strips from 1989. But Pete’s excellent posts on the cat inspired me to look at them again, and they are freaky. I promise, the comics you … Continued

The 'Net Overthinks Garfield

The ‘Net Overthinks Garfield

By now, you may have come across a real gem of a Web site — Garfield Minus Garfield. The premise: show Garfield cartoons without any of the talking animals. The result: A creepy bachelor talking to himself, which is a … Continued