Episode 724: HeadSpike+

On the podcast, we report back on what we’ve been doing instead of watching “Doctor Strange.”

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Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and Matthew Wrather haven’t been to see the newest Marvel blockbuster, so they report back from their own corners of the multiverse to overthink what they’ve been doing. Pete is revisiting our industrial past; Mark is celebrating the return of the American musical but for people with short attention spans; and Matt is having an art film marathon.

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2 Comments on “Episode 724: HeadSpike+”

  1. lemur #

    I would sign up for a Petecast about Nethack! I’ve been a fan of it, off and on, since college in the early aughts. It’s amazing how strongly the game’s appeal endures through time, despite (or because of) its simplicity.


  2. MikeO #

    The truck petting zoo being a mockery of an animal petting zoo which itself is a mockery of natural living is something I want unpacked. And the idea of artisinal coding… there’s a scifi novel in all of this, even if it comes out as a rejected black mirror script.


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