Episode 717: What Would Being Good Even Be For?

On the Overthinking It Podcast, we finally managed to play a video game together, a goal of ours since early in the pandemic.

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Matthew Belinkie, Peter Fenzel, and Mark Lee managed to get together this week and play Back 4 Blood together. They overthink the experience with Socratic interlocutor Matthew Wrather, thinking through aspects of game design and difficulty, the social barriers to bromance, and the intended or unintended externalities of conducting your social life online. Bottom line, remember “Zoom Happy Hours”? This was a lot better.

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6 Comments on “Episode 717: What Would Being Good Even Be For?”

  1. John Moley #

    Ack! The link has expired. I missed my chance to join the Discord.


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

      Use the contact form and email me — I’ll send you one!


  2. Thunk #

    Hello! I’d like to join the Overthinking It discord is it is still possible?


  3. Dan #

    Hi, I’m late for the party but I’d like to join as well. Please keep it up with your great content! xx


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