Episode 621: The Trip Cinematic Universe

On the Overthinking It Podcast, we tackle “The Trip to Greece,” starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, and imagine travel in this time of quarantine.

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Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and Matthew Wrather discuss the latest installment of The Trip, directed by Michael Winterbottom and starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. This installment takes the frenemies to Greece, retracing the steps (oar-strokes?) of Odysseus, and addresses history, mortality, and masculinity. Fair warning: It’s a lot.

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One Comment on “Episode 621: The Trip Cinematic Universe”

  1. John C Member #

    Waaaaait, kimchee gets COOKED!? I assumed it would just leak the spice into the oil and kill the sharpness, but that gives new life to the weird jar of radish kimchee living in my fridge.

    (Oh, and for the steel cut oats, I can strongly recommend letting the oats–and whatever nuts, seeds, and dried fruit are going in–toast in the pan for a minute or so before adding the water.)

    On the documentary-but-also-mockumentary side, the discussion reminds me a lot of Netflix’s #BlackAF, which on one level feels like a remake of ABC’s black-ish but starring creator Kenya Barris as himself instead of Anthony Anderson as a fictionalized counterpart to Barris, but also has its charms.

    Specifically relevant here, is where Barris gets into a lengthy discussion that draws a distinction between working while on vacation and being on a vacation that’s justified by scamming producers into funding a project that happens to be where you want to go. That argument sounds comparable to the overall The Trip concept.


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