Episode 313: If Gritty Has His Way, Everyone Will Be Upsot

On the TFT Podcast, we return from hiatus to observe the annual tradition of ruining Christmas. Covered: Tyler the Creator’s “Grinch” EP; “Shatner Claus”; and Christmas albums by The Old 97’s and The Monkees.

What, did you think that Ryan and Matt wouldn’t be back to ruin Christmas?


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One Comment on “Episode 313: If Gritty Has His Way, Everyone Will Be Upsot”

  1. yellojkt Member #

    Unlike Ryan, my wife only likes original Christmas music. She also listens to certain albums on repeat while she sleeps. For a couple of months it was the Sting/Shaggy collaboration but that that is a different horror story. For the month of December her sleeping soundtrack has been the five or six original songs from the 2017 Gwen Stefani album “You Make It Feel Like Christmas”. I have had these songs subliminally burned into my brain.

    For 2018 they released a music video of the titular duet with Blake Shelton, whom Stefani has been romantically linked to for a few years. It can be seen here:

    You’re welcome.


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