Episode 485: We’re The Grandpas in the Vampire Movie

On the Overthinking It Podcast we tackle stories about horrible truths that nobody wants to believe.

Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and Matthew Wrather make a sincere effort to overthink current scandals in a way that is useful and sensitive. It is hard not to get conscripted by the malevolent conspiracy, but remember that there’s no use wondering, “Wouldn’t it be better if the bad thing weren’t true?”

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4 Comments on “Episode 485: We’re The Grandpas in the Vampire Movie”

  1. Margo #

    Thanks for the Orville shoutout. Right now I am more Orvellian than Trekkie, as the Orvilleverse is the universe I would like to live in.


  2. Jay #

    I enjoyed this episode. Though I think you guys had a bit more fun than a topic like this would require… Lol.


  3. bardoloi Member #

    Great podcast. You guys did a fantastic job of discussing a difficult topic in the OTI way. I do have a meta-question though: what is it that differentiates your treatment of the subject from “any other 3 random dudes on the internet”? Is there a line between how OTI-ing treats a movie/album/idea, and how a cultural commentator would approach the same thing? What is your sense of it?

    I mean, this episode reminded me of something Pete said in episode 360, the Dronecast (to paraphrase): “If you want to make a movie about drones, and want millions of people to see it, maybe you need to put a superhero in it.” i.e. your strong message needs to be wrapped in a comfortable metaphor or analogy, for it to have mass appeal. Is that what it means to approach a controversial topic with analysis but not judgment?


  4. cat #



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