Episode 275: It’s Third-Wave Ska but Second-Wave Feminism

On the TFT Podcast, we listen to and discuss No Doubt’s 1995 commercial breakthrough, “Tragic Kingdom.”

Is ska dead? Is ska a word? Is ska punk? Is ska reggae? Is ska coming back? These questions and more as Ryan, Matt, and punk correspondent Rachel examine No Doubt’s commercial breakthrough, Tragic Kingdom. Slip into your bondage pants and find the sweet spot on the grind/mosh continuum: we meet this album’s energy with a great deal energy of our own.


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Syllabus: No Doubt, Tragic Kingdom

5 Comments on “Episode 275: It’s Third-Wave Ska but Second-Wave Feminism”

  1. Amanda OTI Staff #

    All this ska talk reminded me that you guys never did an episode on The Police! Is “I Can’t Stand Losing You” ska? Is it punk? Is it both? Did No Doubt have a dancehall hit way before Drake supposedly brought it back? The answer to all of those is a qualified yes.


  2. Crystal #

    Jagged Little Pill and Tragic Kingdom. This is an embarrassment of riches.

    TK is very much more suburban with a side of punk and feminism than the other way around. But I think it’s important that Gwen is a lady in a band. I read some article ages ago that was speculating on why bands are mostly dudes. Sure, there’s the whole girls are into guys who play guitar whereas guys don’t really care, and teenagers tending to hang out with same gender people, but there’s also parents being more protective of their daughters than their sons. Parents not letting you take out the car at night is a big deal when all your gigs are at night. They’re keeping you from expressing yourself and self-actualizating. Assuming typical Orange County protective parents– that could be a problem.

    On that note, Matt did not give us a fair shake (so like a Los Angelino to write off everything behind the “orange curtain”). Orange County does go red a lot (not last election), and it is filled with Orange County type people, but it’s also incredibly diverse (45% white vs LA’s 35%. I now live in Portland which is actually a very white city, and it’s a noticeable difference when I visit my dad in OC). Laguna Beach, The Hills and The OC have warped everyone’s perceptions of Orange County. Anaheim is really nothing like the beach cities.


    • Random #

      All I know about OC is that No Doubt is from there and it’s central to the theme of MC Lars’ This Gigantic Robot Kills


  3. Emil #

    Oh boy, a ska podcast? Finally something I know about!


  4. Random #

    Tragic Kingdom is one of those very rare albums that are great all the way thru. The weakest tracks on it are still very listenable. It is so hard to find records like that. Fortunately in the modern era we can buy tracks. I bought Tragic Kingdom after hearing them do Spiderwebs live on a radio show promoting its release and I was shocked with how good every last one of the songs were. It puts it in a category with albums like Sgt Peppers, Joshua Tree, Purple Rain, and Yo! Bum Rush The Show. Coincidentally Jagged Little Pill almost qualifies but it gets a little weak towards the end.


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