Episode 272: Spoonmen of the World, Unite

On the TFT Podcast, we listen to and discuss Soundgarden’s breakthrough 1994 album, “Superunknown.”

Ryan and Matt Superunknown, trying to make sense of its off-kilter aspects and its relentless despair.


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Syllabus: Soundgarden, Superunknown

2 Comments on “Episode 272: Spoonmen of the World, Unite”

  1. Rambler #

    Every time you reference the White Guys of Seattle I want to discuss how that loads an a exclusionist motive on to members of a scene that got so much inspiration from Hendrix and mentoring from Ann & Nancy Wilson…
    But Matt could simply counter by trying to re-bury the author.

    So I’ll just have imagine Kim Thayill and Mike Inez responding with a very chill ‘whatever’.


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

      Kim Thayil, from this very band, is a very good counterexample.


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