Episode 252: Represent, Represent… Earth

On the TFT Podcast we listen to and discuss “Illmatic,” the 1993 debut album from Nas.

Ryan and Rachel are joined by John to discuss Nas’s 1993 debut album, Illmatic.


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Syllabus: Nas, Illmatic

One Comment on “Episode 252: Represent, Represent… Earth”

  1. Mark Lee OTI Staff #

    Illmatic the widely regarded as the greatest rap album of all time, right? Without looking at the data, I’d wager to say that there’s more unanimous agreement on this compared to other genres. In guitar-driven rock, people will alternatively point to Pet Sounds, one of several Beatles albums (probably Sergeant Pepper first), or something from Dylan.

    Is this just a function of hip-hop’s relative youth as a genre, or does it have something to do with the magnitude of Illmatic’s genius?


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