Episode 421: This Is Why We Star Trek

On the Overthinking It Podcast, we analyze and interrogate “Star Trek Beyond,” a movie we liked a lot more we were expecting to.

Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and Matthew Wrather are joined by former podcast guest Benjamin Krinsky to discuss Star Trek Beyond, a movie we liked a lot more than we were expecting to.

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One Comment on “Episode 421: This Is Why We Star Trek”

  1. clayschuldt #

    With this being the second acknowledgment that Beastie Boys exist in the Star Trek universe, I always hoping they will have a line in which Mr. Spock admits his parents named him after the Mr. Spock referenced in “Inter-galatic”. Spock is clearly familiar with their music and even seems to admire them. That would be a great backstory. His human mother and vulcan dad both discussed what to name their son. They want a name that references both culture. His mom reference this old earth son about a space man. His dad likes that “Spock” ends in “K” like his name, which is apparently a big deal for vulcans. So he ultimately say “Spock” is a logical choice.


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