Episode 211: Elect a New Radiohead

On a special TFT Podcast Crossover Event, we are joined by the scholar/music fans at the Always Already Podcast to discuss Radiohead’s “A Moon Shaped Pool.”

John and Emily join Ryan and Matt to discuss Radiohead as a political band, how Radiohead has changed since OK Computer, the difference between a Radiohead of government and a Radiohead of state, and the songs old and new that make up the band’s latest release, A Moon Shaped Pool.

Always Already Podcast

This is Part II of a Always Already Podcast/Theory for Turntables Crossover Event. Subscribe to the Always Already Podcast (iTunes, SoundCloud) and check out Part I of our conversation with John, Emily, and B, on Herbert Marcuse’s work of post-Marxist political philosophy One Dimensional Man and Radiohead’s OK Computer.

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Syllabus: Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool

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