Episode 208: A Dissertation on Infidelity

On the TFT Podcast, Ryan and Rachel D listen to, watch, and discuss Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

beyonce-lemonade-coverRyan and Rachel D listen to, watch, and discuss Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

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Syllabus: Lemonade by Beyoncé

6 Comments on “Episode 208: A Dissertation on Infidelity”

  1. JHaas #

    I did this deep breath of relief when Jay-Z appeared onscreen. Interrogating why, I think that my inner DFWallace reader half-suspected that, because of the single day release on HBO, maybe – just maybe – this was a confession of murder in, as you say, dissertation form. Because you kind of feel like she of all people, presenting things in this way, could probably get away with it. So justifiable, because of how history and personal grief had led to this point. I don’t think of Beyonce as a murderer really, and so maybe her anger and violence in the music kicked things off too. Ultimately, this inner worry is insane, but it’s remarkable that Lemonade, amidst all of the other feelings, made me insane.


    • Ryan Sheely OTI Staff #

      This is an incredible read on this.

      Although, do we really have proof of life for Jay-Z? I don’t see Saturday’s newspaper anywhere in that conciliatory snuggling.


      • JHaas #

        Just imagine if all those racked-focus shots were of here standing defiantly over his corpse. I think a lot of people, even outside the Bey hive, would have been like, “Yeah, I get it.” [shrug].


  2. Adrian #

    The world definitely felt like a different place after I had watched it.


    • Ryan Sheely OTI Staff #

      It definitely reminded me of a more fun version of things like Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle and Terence Malick’s Tree of Life. I enjoy both of those works, but they both drag at points under the weight of their ambition/pretentiousness.

      It is an achievement that Lemonade is as bizarre and consciously “artsy”, but somehow manages to still be fun. This is probably partially in how it is halfway between “music video” and “film”. It is as if you landed somewhere between Michel Gondry’s music videos and his feature films.


      • Adrian #

        I got a huge Malick vibe too!


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