Episode 205: Rakim is Good at Rapping

On the TFT Podcast, Ryan and Jordan listen to and discuss “Paid in Full” and “Follow the Leader” by Eric B. & Rakim.

Ryan and Jordan listen to and discuss Eric B. and Rakim’s Paid in Full and Follow the Leader.

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One Comment on “Episode 205: Rakim is Good at Rapping”

  1. Stokes OTI Staff #

    I’ll go ahead and well-actually myself on this: L’Orfeo is not c. 1700, it’s early 17th century (1607). I’m sure nobody else cares, but I actually had a nightmare about this last night. I sat straight up in bed saying “Shit, did I say seventeenth century, or seventeen hundred?” And then I listened back to the podcast today, and here we are.


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