Keep Eurovision Weird

Romania and Lithuania have adopted very different approaches to their 2016 Eurovision songs. Which one is more successful?

Variety is the spice of Eurovision. If everyone is trying to be Celine Dion or (ugh) Justin Bieber, it becomes a numbing musical blur. That’s why we have to celebrate those countries that Keep Eurovision Weird by doing something surprising, cheesy, or (in this case) featuring a sword dance. Is it a good song? What is this “good” you speak of? There’s only “interesting” and “uninteresting,” and Romania’s entry has this to such a degree that we award it with our inaugural Kane Clap Award for Semi-Ironic Achievement in the Field of Awesomeness.


Meanwhile, Lithuania plays it safe by nominating a past Eurovision contender with a new Bieber haircut and sending him to the Swedes for a slick song and slick video to match. It’s not bad, but Romania is 100 times more authentic.


3 Comments on “Keep Eurovision Weird”

  1. An Inside Joke #

    Obviously, the man and woman in the Lithuanian video are part of the same super-spy program, and he’s correctly identified his partner by finding his code phrase marked on her shoulder.


  2. Taliesin #

    My theory is that the person who wrote the phrase “Waiting for this night” on the woman’s shoulder is none other than Donny’s mysterious spouse, as a way of signalling Donny “I know what you’re up to” or possibly “I got here first.”


  3. Mike O #

    Romania was just kicked out of (just this years?) Eurovision contest for late payments. Which is weird because they had enough money to aid Ukraine’s post coup military earlier. Priorities I guess.


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