Episode 398: Deadpool: Superhero Joint Custody

On the Overthinking It Podcast, we listen to and discuss the Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

Peter Fenzel, Ryan Sheely and Matthew Wrather overthink the new Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

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2 Comments on “Episode 398: Deadpool: Superhero Joint Custody”

  1. Emil #

    Re: CGI grandiose, as Comrade Stalin said: one dead puppy owned by John Wick is a tragedy, millions of lives of the Rebelion-now-maybe-Republic planets is mere statistic.


  2. Crystal #

    This was the first podcast in some time where I had zero knowledge about the topic. I haven’t even seen a poster or trailer for this Deadpool thing. I didn’t know it existed. Apparently, it cleaned up with over 100 million box office over the weekend.

    Now, I’m not a super hero person or a “nerd culture” person but it still seems weird that this thing totally passed me by.

    Question of the week: my favorite breaking of the fourth wall is High Fidelity. The film does a great job cashiering the intimacy of first person narration.


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