Episode 195: Pop Parsimony

On the TFT Podcast, Ryan and Matt listen to and discuss “Psychocandy” by The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Ryan and Matt listen to and discuss Psychocandy by The Jesus and Mary Chain.

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3 Comments on “Episode 195: Pop Parsimony”

  1. Tulse #

    Thanks for covering Jesus and Mary Chain. I came to them through one of the groups that was clearly heavily influenced by them, the Raveonettes, who also combine that ’60s girl-group, Phil Spector sound with washes of noise and feedback. I think their song “Aly, Walk with Me” from Lust Lust Lust may be the apex of using feedback as an actual instrument, with two long “solos” of structured noise over top of the bass line.


    • Ryan Sheely OTI Staff #

      I had been aware of the Raveonettes, but hadn’t listened to them too much. That track is great, and that is a great example of feedback as an instrument. Makes me think of My Bloody Valentine, who we’ll definitely get to as we march through history.

      Have you ever listened to A Sunny Day in Glasgow? If you like the Raveonettes, you might like them a lot. 2014’s Sea when Absent is a good place to start.


      • Tulse #

        Thanks for the recommendation, Ryan! I really do hope that TFT gets around to My Bloody Valentine, if for nothing else to hear how you disentangle MBV (and shoegaze in general) from whatever the Jesus and Mary Chain are doing.


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