Episode 187: Enya is the Chorus of Humanity

On the TFT Podcast, Ryan and Matt listen to and discuss Enya’s “Dark Sky Island.”

Ryan and Matt listen to and discuss Enya’s Dark Sky Island.

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Enya, Dark Sky Island: Syllabus

2 Comments on “Episode 187: Enya is the Chorus of Humanity”

  1. Baxter #

    First of all, thank you guys for a good show. I love the energy of the show (and the humour). As an indie folk/pop fan we are kind of revolving in the same universe.
    I am from the Philippines and I blog about music as a hobby.
    I’ve been an Enya fan since the early 90s when I got a copy of Watermark. Since then I collect whatever albums she release. Her music doesn’t really have a contradiction with the other things I listen to. I think my fascination with her music is not because it sounds ‘relaxing.’ It is far from that. What she does invites analysis. Like, I want to read the lyrics (wither it’s written in Gaelic, Latin or other languages), the song structures etc. The usual things you do when you are a music lover. And I think Dark Sky Island is her most interesting album as it is jumping categories. So yeah I had fun listening to your show and I wish you guys more power!


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