Episode 362: L’Entourage, c’est moi

The Overthinkers tackle the movie Entourage, its cultural reception, the problems of bro-ness, and what luxury means in the age of Uber.

otip-logo-podcastoneBen Adams, Rachel D, Peter Fenzel, Ryan Sheely, and Matt Wrather overthink the film of Entourage, the bro-phobia or fatigue around its cultural reception, the problems of bro-ness, and what luxury means in the age of Uber.

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6 Comments on “Episode 362: L’Entourage, c’est moi”

  1. Nick Nutter #

    Cracked posted a trailer mashup of Entourage and San Andreas on Thursday, as it happens.


  2. Redem #

    If you are the entourage, does that mean you are an hive mind?


    • fenzel OTI Staff #

      Entourages operate on a hub-and-spokes model, with one person in the front/center.

      Hive minds at least hypothetically are leaderless and driven by mutual imitation.

      So I’d say there’s a difference, but I’d be up for Jeremy Piven being stung by a swarm of bees.


  3. David Banuelos #

    I just wanted to say that Rachel D was a great addition to the podcast. I haven’t heard her on the show before, but I hope she comes back.


  4. cat #

    So I don’t have an ad blocker on but I still don’t know to which ad banner with a link to the survey you’re referring. (I’m trying to work on not ending sentences with prepositions. I think I’m making it worse.)

    I also wanted to say that I really enjoyed having Rachel on the podcast. I hope she can come back in the future. She added a great new perspective.


  5. Michael Moore #

    Never thought I would hear a Sidney Frank reference on the show. When he showed up on the cover of Brown Alumni Monthly, his cigar and war medals in direct opposition to the usual trio of multicultural doctors who are saving the world, I was immediately fascinated. His life story, that of a gold-digger turned alcohol marketing genius turned golf-obsessed eccentric multi-billionaire, did not disappoint.



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