Episode 158: First Apartment Problems

Matt and Ryan listen to and discuss Waxahatchee’s “Ivy Tripp.”

Matt and Ryan listen to and discuss Waxahatchee’s Ivy Tripp.


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4 Comments on “Episode 158: First Apartment Problems”

  1. Chris Morgan #

    Man, this episode might as well have been called “Sheely talks about bands I listened to in high school.” It also feels fitting, if I take a myopic view of the world, that Fall Out Boy “ended” emo just after I graduated high school, and that I thought, and think, Fall Out Boy is a terrible band.


    • sheely OTI Staff #

      It is interesting; I remember the first Fall Out Boy album “Take This To Your Grave” bubbling up through the more underground channels where I had heard of all of the other bands that I mentioned. I remember hearing that in my last semester of college (Spring 2004), and at the time didn’t have a problem with it (I also really had a soft spot for New Found Glory, and that album sounded pretty similar). I think the big break came with the next two albums, which got a lot more exposure and changed the sound a little bit, and was part of the ending of emo (which I also associate with Panic! at the Disco).


      • Chris Morgan #

        Those two bands, in addition to representing pretty hollow, uninteresting music, also, to me, represent the tipping point of complex, elaborate song titles. Like, Brand New and Taking Back Sunday pushed that envelope, but then Fall Out Boy and their ilk went too far and got too cutesy and got too long.

        Now, after the fact, I put Taking Back Sunday and so on in that bucket as well, although to less of a degree.


      • Josie M. #

        Since it looks like my original comment draft got lost, I should say that yes, it was also my high school music for the most part, although (as discussed earlier on the Siouxie episode) I was also really into Joy Division, 80s goth bands and Pink Floyd. It embarrasses me now, I had a really weird narcissism-of-small-differences kind of snobbish streak back then. I also happened to live in an area with a pretty active emo & pop punk scene centered on a bunch of clubs that closed due to zoning changes and curfew laws – which included most notably NFG, Further Seems Forever, and Dashboard Confessional. Completely unrelated to this podcast, I recently found an old ticket stub from when I saw Coheed & Cambria and The Used at Ovation (a barely converted former Winn-Dixie) and wound up discovering that a bunch of those shows were still archived online at a production company website, which sent me down a weird rabbit hole of exactly the thing Ryan was talking about – irrational nostalgia for a time that I actually do not miss at all, not even a little.

        Honestly, though, white I agree that Fall Out Boy were bad (though not quite as bad as their current incarnation, yeeesh), I kind of like Panic At The Disco. I actually associate the death of emo more with My Chemical Romance than with either of those bands, though.


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