Eurovision 2015: Ireland and Israel Reviews

For this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Ireland and Israel’s videos are diverse in musical style and presentation, but alike in one thing: They make us feel way to old.

This year, Ireland and Israel have sent entries diverse in musical style and video presentation, but alike in one crucial aspect: They make us feel way too old.

Please enjoy Ireland’s Playing with Numbers, performed by Molly Sterling, and Israel’s Golden Boy, performed by Nadav Gudej!

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6 Comments on “Eurovision 2015: Ireland and Israel Reviews”

  1. Kate #

    I’m kind of liking Israel’s song a lot; it’s got a little bit of a Frank Ocean vibe mixed with some nicely done ethno-pop. Unfortunately this is the kind of song that ends up being killed by live vocals on the night, so I’ll be holding my breath that he can perform it well. I want to see Israel back in the finals!
    Molly, on the other hand, should do well vocally, but I’m worried about whether her song has enough energy to get viewers’ attention. Ireland suffered a bit of an embarrassment last year; I hope this will be enough to get them back on the right track.


    • Matthew Belinkie OTI Staff #

      I love that your comment was far more insightful than our review.

      I kind of want to create a new OTI award for our ever-expanding awards show: Most Likely to Be On Our Playlists in Five Years. Molly’s song might grow on me. It’s not gonna win, but I could see myself coming back to it a bunch. Nadav’s song doesn’t do much for me, although I’ve got a soft spot for Israel in this contest. Israel always seems like the real geographical oddball, at least in years where Australia isn’t involved.


      • Kate #

        I always end up loving Israel’s songs and being sorely disappointed when they don’t make the finals. I even loved Izabo in a fun, campy sort of way. I absolutely see the merit of an award like that, by the way. I’m always blindsided a little while after the contest when I no longer have any desire to hear the songs I cheered for the most in May. I honestly think that certain songs are only fun within the context of the show.

        Not Cezar, though.


      • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

        You’re right on, Matt — I’ve actually had “Playing with Numbers” stuck in my head since we recorded this video.


  2. Wenyip #

    You didn’t include San Marino? The two were born in 1998 and 1999. They were the ones who really struck me as looking very young when I watched through all the songs.


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