Overthinking Eurovision 2015

Overthinking Eurovision is back for 2015! Follow the drama with us as 40 European countries go sequin-to-sequin in a pop music competition for the ages! Or at least for the next year.

Every year for the past six decades, all the nations of Europe have gone sequin-to-sequin in a contest of original pop songs. And since 2011, Overthinking It has been there to cover every lavishly produced pop song, every ethnic stereotype, every Olympic gold medalist ice skating around a violinist playing an actual Stradivarius. (Yes, that’s really a thing that has happened in Eurovision.)

We’re very glad to announce that again in 2015, we’ll be covering the Eurovision Song Contest with video reviews on our YouTube channel. Have a look at the video above, and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss a single video.

For neophytes, you can check out our Introduction to Eurovision. And if you’re an old hand at the contest but new to our coverage, have a look at our videos from Eurovison 2013 and Eurovision 2014.

Till then, leave a comment and let us know which country you’re most excited to see in 2015!

5 Comments on “Overthinking Eurovision 2015”

  1. Nat #

    Yeah Eurovision! This year’s entries look interesting so far. And Australia is in it this year! Brilliant madness!


  2. Sean #

    There can be only one answer.
    I’m totally excited that #straya has somehow managed to bend the globe and become part of Europe.
    Admittedly, we could have put forward a better contestant than Guy Sebastian (winning Australian Idol in 2003 was a big career step if Eurovision 2015 is the goal), maybe even gone for an Australian who lives remotely near Europe (Kylie Minogue maybe?).
    But the real question, given the political voting that is rampant in Eurovision and Australia’s diverse cultural makeup, is where Australia’s votes will go.


    • Frances #

      Greece will surely pick up some from the third largest Greek city in the world ( Melbourne) and Ireland as well. After that it’s anyone’s guess. It may tell us something about ourselves that we have no other way of accessing. Very interesting exercise.
      Guy at least won’t be an embarrassment and he seems to have found favour with the bookies early. The song isn’t half bad and stands out in a sea of ballads. Totally disagree about Kylie. Too established, too old, too familiar. Too close to the end rather than the Middle of her career.


  3. Kate #

    I was worried you wouldn’t be doing coverage this year! Super excited for your reviews, they’re one of my highlights of Eurovision season. I’m very interested in what you have to say about Georgia and Malta, as well as a few other topics.


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