Episode 147: TFT Live

Ryan and Matt discuss Prince’s “Purple Rain” in front of a live audience in Boston, MA.

Ryan and Matt discuss Prince’s Purple Rain in front of a live audience in Boston, MA.

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3 Comments on “Episode 147: TFT Live”

  1. Dan Alt #

    Just listened to as much of this as I could handle. Pro: It’s absolutely great hearing an audience react to the commentary. It’s surprising just how much that reaction ads. Con: I had to stop listening, because it was just too much work trying to hear what you were saying. When you do this next time, (and I hope you do) is there any way to actually put an individual microphone on each speaker?


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

      You’re right: it’s rough. And I’m sorry.

      There was a failure in the audio interface (similar to what happened with the OTI podcast recorded the same week), resulting in drops and skips that made the other audio unusable. This was the backup recording, and I cleaned it up the we could.

      Next time we’ll have multiple redundancy and a more elaborate setup.


      • Dan Alt #

        Glad to hear it! The immediacy of the audience reaction was a really great addition to the discussion.


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