Episode 139: You Can Always NOT Make A Christmas Album

Matt and Ryan listen to and discuss three Christmas Albums: Mark Kozelek’s “Mark Kozelek sings Christmas Carols,” Los Campesinos!’s “A Los Campesinos! Christmas,” and “A Very Very Decent Christmas” from Mad Decent.

Matt and Ryan listen to and discuss three Christmas Albums: Mark Kozelek’s Mark Kozelek sings Christmas Carols, Los Campesinos!’s A Los Campesinos! Christmas, and A Very Very Decent Christmas from Mad Decent.


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3 Comments on “Episode 139: You Can Always NOT Make A Christmas Album”

  1. Chris Morgan #

    Wrather has basically become the Bill Maher of Mark Kozelek. You’re beating a dead horse like you’re worried it’s going to come back to life, man. And that’s really more of a Halloween idea than a Christmas one. Or Easter, if you believe in Horse Jesus.


    • Chris Morgan #

      Also, the talk of Major Lazer as a realized manifestation reminds me of my personal favorite cartoon musical alter ego. I speak, of course, of Lord Quas, aka Quasimoto, the brick toting, blunt smokin’ alien known to show up when Madlib is around. It is important to specify I speak solely of alter egos than only manifest themselves in drawings, because my favorite rapper period is the villain himself MF DOOM. This is barely tangential to this podcast episode anymore. I’m just hoping that DOOM and Ghostface Killah finally drop their long rumored album this year like Tony Starks said they would.


  2. Nick Nutter #

    Mark Kozelek, Butcher of Truth. It’s an Eldrazi Christmas!


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