Episode 129: Lean in to the Ukelele

Matt and Ryan celebrate one year of Theory for Turntables by comparing Lorde and Meghan Trainor.

Matt and Ryan celebrate one year of Theory for Turntables by comparing Lorde and Meghan Trainor.

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6 Comments on “Episode 129: Lean in to the Ukelele”

  1. Josie M. #

    One thing that came to mind as being potentially significant to your discussion of Lorde’s changing relationship to her fame, her audience, and to the general discourse of pop was her performance at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s Nirvana tribute show. Ryan’s description of the change sends to mirror the story of Nirvana – in 1992, the everyone was like “and we’re stupid and contagious, here we are now, entertain us” in the same way they’re all “everybody’s like…” now.

    The Sam Smith stuff is interesting in a different way – like he’s in what I would see as the space between John Legend on the one hand and James Blake on the other, and you alluded to the fact that his breakthrough was as a featured singer on a neo-deep house track by Disclosure -an artist I expect are on the “new synths” list. (I also think the fact that he’s an out gay man could be relevant to the discussion of the lyrics of “Stay With Me” – it’s indeed the case that he’s not likely to be in your girl’s phone, but it’s “not him” for a different reason.

    Also, Ariana Grande its worth nothing actually kind of is from the kind of background of the Rich Kids of Instagram, just mixed with a Glee kid. She went to school at North Broward Prep before joining Nickelodeon, and I do think there is still an element of Boca Raton-ness to her persona.


    • Josie M. #

      Actually, I should maybe go back and listen to the Glee episodes.


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

      Not being from Florida, I am fascinated by the conept of “Boca Raton-ness”. Could you elaborate?


  2. Chris Morgan #

    It was worthwhile for me, to hear you discuss Lorde again, because I did not listen to the initial episode on her, because it took me a few episodes to get into listening to TFT on the regular, and actually I didn’t start listening weekly until you starting kicking it old school. Which is a shame, because I missed out on some probably interesting episodes, like the Haim episode. Although, I also kind of skipped that one because the title you gave it just didn’t sit well with me. Like, I found it aesthetically irksome. But whatevs.

    I have heard “All About That Bass,” because I write essays based upon initial listen to every number one song on the charts (the premise at first was that I hadn’t listened to pop music for years, but now that I have been doing the series for years, it’s just a thing I do), and I was mostly struck by how bad the song was, and my annoyance that in this “healthy body image” song she throws shade at skinny women. She’s not Dr. King, she’s Malcolm X. I was also struck by the fact that, even as a heterosexual male myself, I was unawares that it is common practice for men to grab their ladies by the bottom whilst they lie in bed. Learn something new everyday.

    I do believe it is “Toe-Vay” because she was on Seth Meyers and they said her name and then I made it through, like, 30 seconds of the song.

    Looking forward to a series of new musics being covered. Hoping some of the stuff I have already listened to ends up covered. It would have to be on the new guitars list though. I am not up to date on new synths. I’m barely up to date on the old synths.


    • Chris Morgan #

      Speaking of Mary Timony and Wild Flag, Sleater-Kinney just dropped a new song.


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