Episode 76: The Fraggle-Cave of our Unconscious

Ryan and Matt look at Lorde’s “Royals” off The Love Club EP.

TFT Logo 2013Ryan and Matt return with a look at Lorde’s “Royals” off The Love Club EP, and her new album Pure Heroine, and set the cognitive agenda for the post-baccalaureate phase of TFT.

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Please examine these works before our next meeting.

Not mentioned in the episode but also worth a look:

6 Comments on “Episode 76: The Fraggle-Cave of our Unconscious”

  1. cat #

    I’m so happy you’re back.


  2. Amanda #

    We all are. And by “we all”, I mean you and I, of course.


  3. Liz #

    And me, yay!


  4. Charlie X #

    I’m really pleased to see the return of the podcast which brought me to Overthinking It all those years ago.

    It’s also interesting to see a musical use of the classic Wrather “SVU” theory. Purporting to be against the brands mentioned in other songs is a savvy way of being superior to the others but trying to get the attention of the people who are into those exact same brands. I wonder how effective the message of it is with both audiences.
    It’s interesting seeing the cultivation of these more independent-sounding acts (or at least less crafted-sounding ones). Is the obfuscation of ‘indie’ a cynical move to experiment with music and for companies to claim creative credit outside of their normal fanbase.
    Is there a way of criticising a thing without giving it a voice? The main example I can think of musicians doing this well doesn’t even have it in the music, but on Yanqui UXO by Godspeed You Black Emperor where the back cover showed the ties between the music industry and the military industrial complex.

    Thanks for the podcast and keep up the good work.


  5. cat #

    Hi everyone,

    And by everyone, I mean the three of you. ;) I started a discussion section in the forums for this episode.


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