Episode 325: I Speak of The Booty That Is to Come after Me

The Overthinkers tackle pop songs about booty and the fall TV lineup.

Ben Adams, Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and Matthew Wrather overthink songs about booty, the changing of the seasons, and the fall TV lineup.


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5 Comments on “Episode 325: I Speak of The Booty That Is to Come after Me”

  1. Josie M. #

    I am still haunted by being subjected to repeated blasts of BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY ROCKIN’ EVERYWHERE that accompanied my attempts at socializing during my junior year of college.


  2. Timothy J Swann #

    This podcast actually made me go and listen to Booty.
    I think there’s still a lot more to discuss about this trio of songs – the one that I find most interesting, especially being incorporated with Shake It Off and All About That Bass as a [body] positivity song is Anaconda.
    It seems like it sets out its stall as a song about being ‘for men’ from the first lines to the last images of the video, and yet seems to come over as an unsexy and chaotic, dysphonic mess. The visual imagery also seemed to have moved from the knowing ‘objectification’ of male bodies in Superbass which seemed a comment on the use of women in those videos to a non-ironic presence of the booty. I really want someone more acquainted with Nicki Minaj and her whole musical milieu to explain why I find this song so disquieting and so non-musical.


  3. Connor Moran #

    A little late replying on this, but just want to note as a a practicing attorney that I can think of at least one real-world judge I’ve practiced in front of who is both an objectively bad judge and would be entertaining enough to make a show about. Saying much more would probably skate closer to the bounds of Rule of Professional Conduct 8.2 than I generally prefer.

    To fulfill my professional obligation to maintain public confidence in the legal system, I must note that this referenced judge is no longer on the bench.


  4. Fred #

    Your discussion of syndication, which I would have defined in the same way Pete did, reminded me of these immortal words Lucy Van Pelt spoke about Christmas: “It’s run by a big Eastern syndicate, you know!”


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