Episode 323: Thumbs Up to All The Duck Brothers Out There

The Overthinkers tackle the legacy of Joan Rivers (can we talk?) and the increasingly prominent role of digital photos in our lives.

Ben Adams, Pete Fenzel and Matthew Wrather overthink the legacy of Joan Rivers and the ascendancy of digital photography and its various social uses.


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4 Comments on “Episode 323: Thumbs Up to All The Duck Brothers Out There”

  1. Adrian #

    Another way to remind yourself that Nickelback sucks would be to compare that song to REM’s “Nightswimming,” which is also about looking at an old photograph of you and your friends having good times long ago, and is maybe one of the greatest songs ever.


  2. Jamie #

    On the subject of digital photos, I recently mentioned to my mother that I don’t have any photos of my late father, as he passed away long before digital cameras were a thing, let alone ubiquitous. A couple of weeks later she presented me with over 400 original photos of my family and friends going back to baby photos. So now I have most of those pictures in digital format, complete with smudges, tape marks from them being posted on the fridge or in an album. It reminded me of the purists who make mp3 recordings of vinyl records.


  3. cat #

    The Weepies are great. Why not cover them on the TFT podcast?


  4. pinoy #

    I heard The Weepies – Gotta Have You on itunes Podcast and loved it! I think it’s about a love that though they may get stressed and want to leave at times, they can’t get over the fact that they love each other too much to part ways.


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