Episode 119: Punk Judge, Punk Jury, and Punk Executioner

Matt and Ryan discuss The Ramones’ debut album “Ramones” and “Rocket to Russia.”

Matt and Ryan discuss The Ramones’ debut album Ramones and Rocket to Russia.


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2 Comments on “Episode 119: Punk Judge, Punk Jury, and Punk Executioner”

  1. Chris Morgan #

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to this episode yet, and you may or may not have discussed this particular subject, but Rock ‘N’ Roll High School is available to stream on Netflix, and I very much recommend it as a companion piece to this podcast episode.


    • Chris Morgan #

      Well, it seems I could have just waited on my prior post, because I got around to listening to the episode. While the guys shared songwriting duties, the song in question was written by Joey, not Dee Dee, and Joey wrote “Beat on the Brat” too. Also, since you mentioned briefly the changes in “Blitzkrieg Bop,” it was perhaps foreshadowing that after Dee Dee got a hold of the song from Tommy, suddenly it was filled with Nazi imagery.

      In short, The Ramones are great, and it was nice to be able to listen to an episode where I didn’t need to listen to the album, or albums, in question before listening to the podcast. On that note, based on my recent listening habits, and the era you guys are in, I’m hoping for an upcoming Joy Division episode.


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