Episode 109: Who’s Buried in Grant’s Tomb’s Wikipedia Page?

Ryan and special guest Pete Fenzel discuss St. Vincent’s recent self-titled album.

Ryan and special guest Pete Fenzel discuss St. Vincent’s recent self-titled album.

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Alternative Titles

  • Sledgehammer-esque
  • A Singer-Songwriter who is not a singer-songwriter
  • Come to my window because I’m wearing relaxed fit jeans
  • The Uncanny Valley of Identity
  • Consumption-oriented pseudo-humans
  • There’s some St. Vincent-ness to that
  • Take out the garbage, Masturbate!
  • Can I get a digital witness?
  • Give us all of your mind

3 Comments on “Episode 109: Who’s Buried in Grant’s Tomb’s Wikipedia Page?”

  1. Chris Morgan #

    Have not had a chance to listen yet, but I will because I like St. Vincent and not just because she named an album Marry Me due to her fandom of Arrested Development. However, I did recently see in the comments of a different TFT episode that you guys may be getting to 90’s music this summer. So, the question is, who gets to Jagged Little Pill first: Your music podcast, or my 90’s pop culture podcast?


    • sheely OTI Staff #

      You’ll almost certainly beat us to Jagged Little Pill. We’re picking up our historical march in the 70s and will do about 3 months. It is possible that we’ll make it up to the 90s, but I wouldn’t be shocked if we switch back to contemporary music before we get too deep into the 90s.

      I agree about the awesomeness of “Marry Me” as an album title. She really used her allusion!


  2. Chris Morgan #

    The dude from The IT Crowd is Richard Ayoade (I-O-Ah-Day) and, I believe, the woman from Dilbert is Cathy. Also, things would be much simpler if Annie Clark just called her backing band The Grenadines.

    As for this album, while I appreciate St. Vincent’s desire to explore different sounds and ideas, Clark is also diverting from what I find interesting and enjoyable about her music in the process. I watched her playing with the surviving Nirvana members when that was a thing that happened, and it made me long for a different sound. Eventually, I bet she has a “back to basics” record that I will appreciate. I shall wait for her to return to my shores.


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