Episode 307: You’re Not Better than Your Body, Even If You’re Godzilla

The Overthinkers tackle Godzilla, the desire to see cities destroyed, and advice to the class of 2014.

Ben Adams, Peter Fenzel, and Matt Wrather overthink the great Beer Toss of 2014, Godzilla, and advice to the class of 2014.


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9 Comments on “Episode 307: You’re Not Better than Your Body, Even If You’re Godzilla”

  1. MEGR #

    I didn’t really mind all the preaching, but I would have felt better if you’d linked it to Godzilla somehow.


      • MEGR #

        Screw you Godzilla! Who made you the pope of sunscreen!?


  2. phizzled #

    I just really want to know: is godzilla the best pacific rim movie since pacific rim?
    Alternatively, is Godzilla a better jaeger than Gypsy Danger?


  3. toni #

    Spoilers for Godzilla (2014).

    Godzilla is Jesus. The sins of mankind (nuclear power/weapons/waste and excessive mining) create/wake up monsters. Godzilla has to come out of the ocean and fight these representations of sin to save mankind. Godzilla dies, resurrects and returns back where he came from. And a Godzilla religion is born.



  4. MEGR #

    I got so caught up in rejecting Godzilla’s advice when this was first posted that I forgot to tell everyone about the Godzilla comic book published by marvel in the seventies, in which Godzilla get’s shrunk to a few inches tall and fights a rat, in which he saves a ranch from cattle rustlers and in which he fights the Avengers. It’s still canon for the marvel comic universe.


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