TV Recap: 24: Live Another Day, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

Pete and Ryan begin the world’s first real-time 24 recaps at 11 a.m. sharp.

#JackIsBack, people, and Pete and Ryan begin the world’s first real-time 24 recaps at 11 a.m., by snacking on some cashews and considering what they’ll have for lunch. They also bring everyone up to speed on the story so far and discuss how the new show stacks up to Jack Bauer’s legendary 8-season television legacy.


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4 Comments on “TV Recap: 24: Live Another Day, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.”

  1. Margo #

    Thank you for podcasting your 24 recaps! To me Kate Morgan’s character is quite similar to the dear departed Renee Walker, the Day 7/Day 8 Lady Jack who went rouge, lost her career, slept with Jack and was then killed by a sniper, in that order.


    • sheely OTI Staff #

      Thanks for listening and commenting, Margo. I noticed that similarity as well when I was watching the episodes (but didn’t get to bring it up in the already jam-packed recap), and will keep an eye out for how that continues to evolve as her arc develops across this season…


  2. babybiceps #

    Pete, the Prez’ name is Heller. Raines was Audrey’s married name, from her estranged husband Paul.


  3. Nat #

    Loved the real time recording and the sudden twist ending! Looking forward to more of these. And as I live in West Ealing, which is apparently a thriving area of drug dealers and cyber terrorists, I may be able to provide some insights.

    I watched this episode with a group of British friends, some who were outraged at the attempt to make things too quaintly British. In particular, the stolen Volvo, the seeking refuge in a pub complete with grumpy landlord and of course Stephen Fry as the Prime Minister. I don’t find this as distracting as they did, I prefer that to gratuitous shots of Big Ben and the Thames, but they still have time to do all that.

    I do hope they bring back some more character, and I definitely think male Chloe in the CIA will be the mole.


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