Episode 83: Leaders and Followers

Ryan and Matt consider Kanye West’s Yeezus, in the form both of the album and of the live show.

TFT Logo 2013Ryan and Matt consider Kanye West’s Yeezus, in the form both of the album and of the live show.

We didn’t get to talk about the video for Bound 2 on the show, but you should check it out.


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Matt and Ryan consider Kanye West’s Yeezus, in both album and tour form.


One Comment on “Episode 83: Leaders and Followers”

  1. Amanda #

    Ryan coined the term bespoke re-appropriation and then said “the fashion equivalent would be taking vintage/second-hand clothing and then making a custom tailored outfit from those things”.
    You guys, this is EXACTLY what Margiela, the designer, did. The brand Maison Martin Margiela (now owned by Diesel) has been run by a design team for a while now, but back when Margiela himself was at the helm he did just that (they might still be doing this now, I’m not sure though).

    Here are random examples from google images of the kind of pieces he used to make (sweaters out of socks, coats out of wigs, etc)



    And then there was the Margiela x H&M collection last year, which selected some of his more “legendary” pieces and mass-produced them. The result then was faux-second-hand-silk-scarves skirts and tops that were made from one continuous piece of silk died to look like it was once different scarves sewn together:


    a “sock sweater” made to look like the original one, (one that was actually made of socks), but this time they probably manufactured a bunch of fake half-socks in order to make the sweaters:


    two-dress dresses that were, in fact, just one dress all along:


    and a ridiculously beautiful pair of shoes I was miraculously able to buy.


    And here’s a picture of the tags that came with the clothes in the H&M collection: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-HwiOlL64lxw/UKadWZeYoLI/AAAAAAAABCA/1TFuwx6DUts/s1600/photo%5B7%5D.JPG

    I guess the equivalent in music would be to record a brand new soul song only to use it as a sample, so you’d compose and record a snippet of a song that doesn’t exist as a whole, and then add that snippet to the song you’re actually working on.

    Here’s a couple “Make your own Margiela pieces!” bonus links:



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