TV Recap: Mad Men Season 6 Episode 10

The Overthinkers Recap Mad Men Season 6 Episode 10, “A Tale Of Two Cities.”

Peter Fenzel, Shana Mlawski, John Perich, and Matthew Wrather recap Mad Men Season 6 Episode 10, “A Tale Of Two Cities.”

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One Comment on “TV Recap: Mad Men Season 6 Episode 10”

  1. Lavanya #

    “Where is this season going?” is a question I remember being raised during the previous season, at around this same point. Anyone want to take a crack at answering that in retrospect?

    For this current season, my guess so far is that the theme is something like “You, and everyone around you, is aware of deep-seated problems. You can’t ignore them like you did in the past, because they’ve become self-destructive, yet you have no idea how to solve them. And the clock is ticking…”

    Also, if Megan is going to pull a Sharon Tate, does that mean Season 7 will see Don pull a Roman Polanski — commit some horrific sex crime, then escape to Europe to keep on being an advertising genius?


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