Overthinking Eurovision 2013: The Swann Song

Three Americans try to convince a European to vote their way in the Eurovision Song Contest.

To conclude our Eurovision 2013 coverage (though residents of the greater New York area can still come to the party!), Matthew Belinkie, Mark Lee, and Matthew Wrather try to convince actual bona-fide European and sometime Overthinking It contributor Timothy Swann that he should cast his vote for their favorite song in Eurovision.

5 Comments on “Overthinking Eurovision 2013: The Swann Song”

  1. Fishyd #


    SPOILERS* Cezar has qualified for the final* Above is is his semifinal performance which makes curious use of (presumably a plinth) a device to heighten the already stratospheric performance to new levels. SPOILERS*

    Also think Finland are in for big things. Everybody loves a vacuous yet seemingly transparent song theme. Hei!


  2. Hedges n' Quills #

    I really hope you guys do this again next year! This has been so much fun to follow. I can’t wait to hear the podcast reflecting on the results.


  3. AGM #

    I just found this website, and I must say it’s awesome. Didn’t think I would watch 40 minutes of Eurovision analysis, but I did and I have no regrets. Thank you for that.


    • Timothy J Swann #

      You didn’t think you would watch 40 minutes of Eurovision analysis?
      I didn’t think I would MAKE 40 minutes of Eurovision analysis. We live in strange times.


  4. Ikena #

    Hey the Eurovision review was a real fun, ur comments,critics( bla bla) are enjoyable. Some songs are reall crap. But I have to admit that Europeans in their songs fight for something deep and meaningful that in English doesn’t make any sense… They want to make the difference. They dont follow a “hit recipe” they must separate from the crowd.


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