Episode 250: Pointing a Pentium III at a Dinosaur

The Overthinkers tackle Jurassic Park 3D.

Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and Matthew Wrather are joined by Carrie Drzik to overthink Jurassic Park 3-D.


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12 Comments on “Episode 250: Pointing a Pentium III at a Dinosaur”

  1. Chris Morgan #

    I didn’t actively seek out any information on this Bieber thing, but I feel like it crossed my eyes that he said or wrote or whatever that he’s like to think that Anne Frank would have been a Belieber which, to be fair, the odds are good. All I’m saying is that if everybody is going to be cool with teachers assigning a dead child’s private diary to be read in schools they can’t really get annoyed at this.

    The theme to Jurassic Park is notable to me because it is they one thing I would always play when I was near a piano or keyboard or something because the opening of it was easy enough even I could play it. Also, I was fittingly thinking about the movie recently because I’ve been writing essays about every Weird Al Yankovic album recently and I got to Alapalooza which starts with the song “Jurassic Park,” which is a good Weird Al song, although “Gump” does a similar thing but better.

    On another note, there is at least one other (presumably) Costa Rican in the movie; the guy who says that Grant is like him, he’s a digger. On another subject, in Wayne’s World 2 they do a Jurassic Park gag, which leads me to believe their T2 gag is in Wayne’s World the original, which means those movies were pretty on point when it came to spoofing movies that involved early CGI. Also, there was a funny Jurassic Park parody in The Critic. In the end, Jurassic Park is the best adaption of the novel Billy and the Clonosaurus I have ever seen.

    Oh, and Wayne Knight is great in the movie. If not for Newman, he could have had a great career playing sweaty, unctuous supporting parts in films. Instead, now he’s on TV Land.

    Lastly, as one of those people who started up their own podcast well after you guys did (although we are approaching our two-year anniversary) let me congratulate you on 250 episodes, of which only one was sullied with my presence.


    • fenzel OTI Staff #

      Is the guy in the amber mine Costa Rican? Because the amber mine is in the Dominican Republic.


      • Chris Morgan #

        Oh really? I’ve seen the movie a bunch of times, but not in several years, so I did not recall that particular detail. I just remembered it being in a Spanish speaking country, and just assumed it was Costa Rica. Cheerfully withdrawn.


  2. Redem #

    Hum…Bieber isn’t American, but Canadian

    so you know he isn’t embarassing the U.S, but us.


  3. Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

    public service announcement:


    • Rambler #

      Oh geez… that’s not book 2?

      My bad I assumed that would have aired last year. Feel free to nuke that post from orbit.

      On a side note is anything after book 1 really spoilable? The life expectancy of any character approaches zero as soon as you learn their name.


  4. Rambler #

    I wouldn’t know a Beiber song from a Barney song… but I have the unsettling sensation that there’s some sort of correlation between him and Prince Joffery.
    I’m not exactly saying “THIS is what you get when sister sleeps with brother in the King’s bed”. But I do expect that at some point in his near future he will be Imp-slapped and poisoned at his wedding.


    • Timothy J Swann #

      What, so the jilted Selena Gomez is Sansa Stark?

      Recasting Game of Thrones: ALWAYS FUN


  5. Amanda #

    Big band Baby! Big band Baby! Big band Baby!
    Make it available or I’ll call Harvey!




  6. Rambler #

    Manse Raider – Skrillex and his hooligans from that video.

    The Night’s Watch – The Black Crowes. We keep forgetting about them but there still out there Rockin’ and the world’s a better place for it. Oh, and beards… lot’s of beards.

    Winter – Axl Rose’s comeback. It’s been talked about since 1996. It can’t possibly live up to it’s hype, and we’re not sure if it’s still coming or if it’s happened and we didn’t notice.

    Which makes Daenerys – Slash – ( Spoiler alert! ) Still might do something breathtakingly awesome… or might spend the rest of eternity out in the desert watching one more plan fall apart. Blast you GRRM PULL IT TOGETHER!


    • Rambler #

      That message was supposed to be a direct reply to Tim’s. And I can’t find the edit button…
      I suck at the internet. I’ll stop typing before I ruin it for everyone else.


  7. Gab #

    A movie somewhat about chaos theory, aptly titled Chaos Theory: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0460745/?ref_=sr_1

    I think you should improv the entire main theme to Jurassic Park, Matt. But the music is John Williams, who has become sort of a one-trick pony- big brass, epic ‘Murican tones. He and Stephen Spielberg have their little partnership going on. I think Fenzel hit it, the aspirational/awesome thing, and I’d equate that with American ingenuity being awesome. Now, this is somewhat complicated by the fact that Hammond isn’t ever pitched as being American, but it fits with what Carrie pointed out about how most of the important people are American. (Of course, this could just be me grasping for evidence to support my theory that Williams is America’s Composer and all… ahem…)

    I won’t rant too much about it, since there’s a lot going on in my crazy mind, but I’ll just say that if thinking about genetic engineering in the broadest sense, I find myself caught in two semi-conflicting states of mind. On the one hand, there’s the desire for advancements in technology such that people can be born with, say, no chance of getting cancer or colds or something. That’d be pretty sweet, and I’m excited and hopeful that medicine and technology can work together and find ways of making that happen.

    But with that, then, comes the inevitable extermination of anomalous bodies and minds. Creating a race of superhumans that don’t get sick and have “strong” bodies (whatever that may end up looking like) means eradicating any difference from the paradigm of able-bodied and able-minded. And that kind of terrifies me.


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