Episode 74: Gossip Girl God Mode

Sheely and Wrather analyze the final episode of Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl Series Finale

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TFT PodcastRyan Sheely and Matthew Wrather analyze the final episode of Gossip Girl, examining the implications of the big reveal and the ways in which it provides a fitting end to a series.

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4 Comments on “Episode 74: Gossip Girl God Mode”

  1. Pasteur #

    I finally watched a few minutes of Gossip Girl, so I’m really excited to listen to the episode.

    All of the characters looked so different than I expected!


  2. T. AKA Ricky Raw #

    What I don’t get is, Gossip Girl seemed to start out covering everyone on the Upper East Side but the show only covered the blasts that related to our main cast, who seemed to be the most popular targets. As time went on though it seemed the whole blog was dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to the 6 or 7 people in our main cast.

    Which made me start wondering, how could a blog dedicated exclusively to just 7 relatively unfamous people become so insanely popular? To the point that outing the creator of said blog is a big enough media event to put The Spectator on the map and save the paper?


  3. Matthew Belinkie OTI Staff #

    Just wanted to chime in belatedly to comment on how the final season of Gossip Girl once again managed to limbo under the low bar it had set for itself. The whole story, all the narrative eggs, so to speak, were in the Chuck vs. Bart basket. That was the engine that drove all the drama (what little there was). Going into the home stretch, Chuck and Blair finally decide to “go to war.” This is it, people! All the backstabbing and manipulating for all those years was merely PRACTICE for this. Now is finally the time when this new generation will be pitted against the reigning Master of the Universe (the Man of the Year!). This is going to be the ultimate showdown between titans of manipulation, power brokering, and duplicity!

    And how did they resolve it? Bart accidentally dies, after going to talk to Chuck on the roof for no particular reason (except to make that accidental death possible).

    I guess it’s a little interesting that Chuck and Blair just watched it happen and did nothing. But that’s way less interesting than Chuck killing him, and WAY less interesting than Chuck and Blair outsmarting or outscheming him. I mean for crying out loud, the whole show is about outsmarting and outscheming people! Bart accidentally falling off the roof was probably the most anticlimactic resolution possible, except for Bart choking on some sushi or something. It was the ultimate, damning proof that the writers not only were out of ideas, they weren’t even trying to tell an interesting story anymore.

    I mean for crying out loud, they never even bothered to explain HOW CHUCK HAD SURVIVED THE PLANE CRASH. That’s how lazy this show had become. I mean, presumably he never gets on the plane, but if so WHY DID THE PLANE CRASH?


    • cat #

      Well, they just said the plane set out a mayday signal and then went off the radar which I assume is not that difficult to fake.


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