Episode 58: The Georgina Sausage

Sheely and special guest Cognac discuss Gossip Girl, institutions, and the law.

TFT PodcastSpecial Episode!

Sheely and special guest Cognac discuss the post-wedding, Valentines Day, and #cecedies episodes of Gossip Girl. Topics include surveillance and legitimacy, the anatomy and change of institutions, subcultural knowledge, inheritance law, and real vs. enacted grief.

Includes spoilers for Downton Abbey Season 2 and the Wire.

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4 Comments on “Episode 58: The Georgina Sausage”

  1. asadok #

    That shit cray.


    • Sheely #

      It may be the case that we ball so hard that m’f’ers wanna fine us.


  2. cat #

    Why can’t Chuck and Blair just be a couple? Would that be so hard for the writers to manage?


  3. T. AKA Ricky Raw #

    Cognac sounds like such a stripper name haha. Seriously though, good job. I think a three-way podcast where you invite her back would be great.

    Hey, what’s worse, the constipated emotion style of the Serena/Chivy acting school or the constipated emotion style of the Neve Campbell/Party of 5 acting school? Or is the former a direct descendant of the latter, all part of one giant constipated emotion school of acting?


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