Episode 191: Life Is Getting Less Special

The Overthinkers tackle the 84th Academy Awards.

Overthinking It PodcastMatthew Wrather, Matthew Belinkie, Peter Fenzel, and David Shechner overthink the proud tradition of Hollywood’s decline and the 84th Academy Awards.


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8 Comments on “Episode 191: Life Is Getting Less Special”

  1. Leigh #

    I noticed during the broadcast that a large percentage of award acceptors mentioned/bragged about how young they were when they first started to love movies. And there was a thing about the older actors in the room right before Plummer became the oldest winner ever. They also made a big deal with how many times Streep has been nominated. There was also that bit at the beginning with Justin Beiber and capturing the young demographic. I think this stuff kind of ties into what Fenzel was saying about the how old the old guard is becoming. Which is sort of significant after last year’s big fiasco – they handed the show off to the youngsters, who just weren’t ready to take on the responsibility. So once again, the old-timers have to take over and show the kids how things are done. I think if Bob Hope were still alive, they would have wheeled him out as the host – not because he’d do a good job, but because he represents even more than Billy Crystal the industry’s commitment to conservativism and solemn integrity, the kind of churchiness that Belinkie touched on.


  2. Upthrust #

    I really like the comparison between the Oscars and the Catholic Church, not only because I think it is particularly apt, but also because it sounds surprisingly similar to how religious moralists condemn Hollywood: “Hollywood is the atheist religion!” “You are worshipping false idols!” Take out the emotionally-charged elements and you get the same observation: Hollywood solves a lot of the same function as church.

    Which really shines a different light on how I keep promising to watch more movies (a number of times I’ve decided I should be watching one per week) and feel bad when I don’t.


  3. shechner OTI Staff #

    Anyone else mishear Wrather’s “sacramental” as “Sacramento?” I spent half of the podcast wondering if California’s a secret theocracy.


  4. Rafal #

    On an off note: Congrats, Dave!
    (For some reason, my wife wasn’t thrilled when I told her she’s “heavy with my spawn”. Was it something I said?)


    • shechner OTI Staff #

      Oh, thanks, Rafal! Indeed, we’re super excited. Yaz, my wife, has been telling people that she is “heavy with child,” an unusually Olde Schoole phrasing for a Turk. :)


  5. cat #

    Episode 200: Musical Episode

    Just putting it out there. :)


  6. Gab #

    Fenzel: Dragonball Z and Buddhism. Go.

    Not sure if this is a well, actually, but Girl Walks Into a Bar was the first full-length movie released originally and exclusively on YouTube, though! So with respect to the fears and such about the Internet taking over, would that mean Josh Hartnett is ahead of the game and perhaps not as lame as one may initially suspect?

    I’d second Cat’s suggestion about the 200th episode. Or suggest you see how long you can have a semi-coherent conversation using only pop culture references, such as famous lines or titles. With a goal of at least 200 in a row.


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