We have forums now.

Yes, I know the correct latin plural is “fora.”

We’re very happy to announce the arrival of discussion forums (sorry, I just can’t bring myself to write “fora”) on Overthinking It. I think we have some of the greatest comment threads on the internet, and we hope the forums give our readers a chance to become OTI writers themselves, and set the direction for the conversation and agenda for the grand Overthinking It project of the site. From the first post:

We’re starting with a skeleton set of forums, and we’ll learn as we go. We will develop community management guidelines and procedures, select moderators from within the community if (when?) we have to, add more forums…, make technical changes as needed or desired, and so on. There’s a forum specifically for suggestions, so don’t be shy about your ideas for improvements.

Head on over to the forums and introduce yourself!

2 Comments on “We have forums now.”

  1. Sillyweasel #

    YAY! Finally!


  2. Xyloart #

    Looking at it now on my iPhone, and there’s no links for registering or logging in. Does it not work for mobile browsers?


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