Episode 181: Macroeconomics: KRUGBLIVION!

The Overthinkers tackle Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Matthew Wrather hosts with Matthew Belinkie, Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, Josh Mcneil, and David Shechner to overthink Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Brought to you by The Overview: Die Hard.


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7 Comments on “Episode 181: Macroeconomics: KRUGBLIVION!”

  1. cat #

    Two of my favorite things. Schechner and Russian accents. “Love crime” indeed.


  2. shechner OTI Staff #

    Hey, Wrather, who’s this Schechner person? Sche scounds scexy.



    • cat #

      Darn it, I didn’t trust my spelling skills at 2 am so I copied your name from the show notes.


  3. Chris #

    Ernst Blofeld is the leader of SPECTRE. KAOS are the bad guys in Get Smart.

    The Burg Khalifa isn’t just any other tall building. It’s the largest structure in the world. Also, apparently there is a restaurant and an observation deck not all that far from where, according to your discussion, Ethan begins his climb. Surely he would have been seen. Perhaps he was. I haven’t seen the movie.

    While I’m sure this information is known and was simply not stated, Rick Moranis’ character in Ghostbusters, and to a lesser extent Ghostbusters 2, is name Louis Tully.

    I wonder what 30 Rock is going to do now, considering that last season Jack Donaghy’s wife was being held captive in North Korea.

    I don’t care how much less than stellar press Sherlock Holmes 2 is getting. I’m still really looking forward to see it.


  4. Timothy J Swann #

    I think this brings the ‘number of world bad guys’ deaths announced on the podcast’ to 2, clearly, if you podcast more often, Mugabe would be gone a lot quicker. Incidentally, it does make the sequence in Last Dictator Standing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1EX–vdxh4 seem rather prophetic. I know a lot of us suspected he was already dead, but…


  5. Rambler #

    I hate to be the guy who takes this into “you’re saying it wrong!”; but this is an intervention.

    Wrather, you really need to practice saying artisanal as “are-tis-in-ahl”, even Harvey Fierstein would avoid saying “Arty’s anal-popcorn” on a podcast.

    ps. Fun show as always.


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