Episode 47: Men Are Coming To Destroy You

Sheely, Stokes, and Wrather call an audible, diving into Friday Night Lights Season 1.

These Fucking Teenagers PodcastRyan Sheely, Jordan Stokes, and Matthew Wrather call an audible and dive into Friday Night Lights Season 1. They attempt to situate the show within the discourse already in progress; digress into the education of East African cattle pastoralists; consider combat, sublimated combat, and really sublimated combat; draw parallels between football players, battle rappers, French troubadours, and Masai warriors; and consider the Rally Girls’ social theater.

Next week: We return to Gossip Girl.

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4 Comments on “Episode 47: Men Are Coming To Destroy You”

  1. Arden #

    Hey guys, another great podcast. I am glad that you have finally dropped ‘Glee’ from your analysis, the last half of the second season was pretty awful. To be honest, its only saving grace was the scrutiny you gave it. I have for Sheely.

    Due to administrative problems at my university (I live and study in Melbourne, Australia), I am no longer able to major in political science as I previously hoped, and thus am required to now major in history (I am also majoring in philosophy).

    I am still incredibly interested in political science, and was wondering whether you had any texts (blogs, books and podcasts) on the topic you could recommend for me to investigate for private study? This also goes for political philosophy and political sociology.

    All the best, Arden.


  2. Brian #

    Friday Night Lights is a good show, really liking it so far.


  3. Charlie Etheridge-Nunn #

    Thank you for dropping Glee. It feels like they transitioned away from a commentary on the tropes of teen media and effectively a parody, to actually being the archetypes of teen media, but without structured enough writing.

    Friday Night Lights has been an interesting tv series. I only saw the first dozen episodes on The Waffles many years ago, then gave up after buying a DVD copy. This has given me a reason to pick it up again. I stopped your episode half way through to watch their pilot, listen to the rest of TFT, then formed some thoughts which can be found here: http://wp.me/p1pqJm-86.

    I can’t wait to continue with this show, and that Sheely’s ego isn’t too demanding as he seems like the “Sugar Motta” of your show.


  4. cat #

    Too alienated to listen this time. Will be back next week.


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