The Gospel According to Yelp

The Gospel According to Yelp

“Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary…” (Mark 6:3)

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  1. Greg #

    I hear it’s a spin off from a larger corporation that was originally expatriated from Egypt due to a 100% income tax on the workers.


  2. Bekah #

    You’re funny, McNeil.


  3. Rob #

    Review from Judas I.
    Never gonna give you up; never gonna let you down; never gonna run around and desert you.
    Protip: Refer Jesus of Nazareth Carpentry to a friend and get 30 pieces of silver.
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    • Darin #

      Judas rickrollin’ Jesus, sign of the apocalypse?


      • Rob #

        Forgive me. I was hoping to redeem myself with the second sentence, but now I notice McNeil already made that kind of joke in an awesomely discreet way.
        Wow, Josh, this is really well done.


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