Open Thread for September 16, 2011

This thread will get a little grainy at settings of ISO 1600 or greater. Be sure to dial down the exposure. This week we’ve got some stuff! Specifically: A winner on America’s Got Talent, West Virginian singer Eugene Landau. Guys, … Continued

This thread will get a little grainy at settings of ISO 1600 or greater. Be sure to dial down the exposure.

This week we’ve got some stuff! Specifically:

  • A winner on America’s Got Talent, West Virginian singer Eugene Landau. Guys, if I wanted a contest show that picked a singer at the end I’m not exactly starving for choice. No sword swallowers? No children who can do card tricks?
  • The Emmys coming up this Sunday! Since all the talent’s fled to TV this decade, probably worth a look.
  • Neo-noir Ryan Gosling crime flick Drive hits theaters this weekend to much critical acclaim. Not to be confused with neo-noir Nicholas Cage crime flick Drive Angry, which was apparently terrible. IMPORTANT DISTINCTION. Do not aspire to indie cred by referencing the blend of classic amorality and modern ultra-violence in Drive Angry, because people will laugh at you.
  • And I still don’t get the appeal, but I’m here for the people, so I must remind/inform you all about the Newsies musical.

Comment of the Week goes to our own dear Gab and newcomer Publius Cato for their ongoing debate in the comments of The Biggest Mistake in the History of NASA. Check it.

Could Ryan Gosling sling papes well enough to impress Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel? Or is there something we missed? Sound off in the comments, for this is your … Open Thread.

10 Comments on “Open Thread for September 16, 2011”

  1. Matthew Belinkie OTI Staff #

    I have occasionally mused over doing some sort of modern-day update to Newsies, about Bloggers. Arianna Huffington would be the new Joseph Pulitzer. “Headlines don’t get hits. BLOGGERS get hits.”


    • Gab #

      You, sir, are brilliant.


  2. Gab #

    Daw, I have warm fuzzies now. I feel like my continual commentary has been slacking lately, too. Sigh. Maybe I’ll put off working some time and tweak the guest post I sent months ago that died in committee. ;)

    Lest ye forget, maties, Monday is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. As of now, my plan is to drop a few “yar”s and “matey”s in while I’m lecturing. Huzzah!

    Hipster Gab says, “I liked The Newsies before it was cool.” When I was watching my DVD copy with some friends a few months ago, most of the commentary from us had to do with how weird it felt to see a former President and the motherf***ing Batman singing and dancing (and how the skill lied with the one you’d think less likely, given those identities) (Imagine the Nolan Batman singing “Santa Fe” with his gruff voice). I do wonder, though, does it count as “meta” if it’s all the viewer’s personal baggage? Or does it have to be something intended by the people producing the art (whatever that art may be)? I am glad it finally made it to the stage, though.

    In related news, the South Park guys want to make Book of Mormon into a film- so a reversal of the previous situation, if you will. Funny how that works.

    And in news related to an awards show, Eddie Murphy is hosting the Oscars. I know there are reasons given, but… why?


    • Trevor #

      Not sure why Murphy is hosting, I don’t know if he would work in a hosting capacity (I still think Chris Rock was better-than-average when he hosted, but I was the one person in America who felt this way), but it seems like the Bob Hope factor may be in play (a comedic actor who can’t win a trophy on his own merit is hosting because perhaps someday the Academy will see fit to honor him honorarily or posthumously). Maybe this means that “Pluto Nash 2: Back to Uranus” will finally see the light of day…


  3. Trevor #

    According to Joe McGuinness(sic), Sarah Palin likes the nose candy and once had a case of jungle fever. All of this would be shocking (to the two people in America who still get shocked when a politician is caught doing something “shocking”) if it weren’t for the fact that this simply means Palin is a Kardashian sister (The Soup beat me to that observation). Palin isn’t even a “real” candidate, but when your choices are yet another Texas governor, the crazy-eyes lady from Minnesota, the black George Costanza, and Ron Paul, I guess I don’t blame my Republican friends for holding out hope that Sarah will sweep in the last minute and run against Obama. I wonder if this hurts that hope now.

    The Emmys are this Sunday? Great, I can watch Community get snubbed yet again.


    • Leigh #

      I personally think Community is a great show, very funny, with near-genius writing, and a cast of brilliant actors. But apparently, not everybody gets it. In fact, as far as I can tell, there’s a very large portion of the American television audience that can’t stand any of the NBC Thursday lineup. 30 Rock especially tests poorly with the elderly, who have actually complained that there are too many jokes, and the dialogue is too fast. They prefer the slower pacing of crappy shows like 2.5 Men and NCIS*. With such a large gulf between what’s critically acclaimed and what’s popular, what’s an awards show supposed to do? Aim for the middle, I guess. Which is why Modern Family dominates the comedy nominations.

      * I’ve watched a couple episodes of NCIS in syndication, and it’s full-on patriotism porn. Reminds me a lot of JAG actually. Not surprising, since both shows were created by the same guy.


      • Paul M #

        I hope I never get so old that rapid-fire jokes become a negative.


    • Howard #

      Don’t worry, Community got pre-snubbed by not getting any nominations. You could have seen Amy Poehler get snubbed, though.


  4. Charlie Etheridge-Nunn #

    How dare you belittle Drive Angry: Shot in 3D, sir. I’m sure this critically acclaimed ‘Drive’ has nowhere near enough explosions or slow-motion gunfights to compare with Nic Cage’s masterpiece. And will Ryan Gosling drink beer from the skull of his enemies? I think now!


    • Charlie Etheridge-Nunn #

      “I think not”, even.
      Evidently this has me so worked up, I’ll have to go to my angry room.


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