Episode 43: Post-Modern Royalty

Sheely and Wrather discuss the Modern Royalty episode of Gossip Girl and discover that they really like the listeners.

These Fucking Teenagers PodcastRyan Sheely and Matthew Wrather experience an Anabaptist rebirth of love and respect for TFT Podcast listeners while discussing the Modern Royalty episode of Gossip Girl.

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6 Comments on “Episode 43: Post-Modern Royalty”

  1. cat #

    It’s interesting that you need this sort of “print” (coffee table photo book) which in many ways is an old technology, especially contrasted again GG, social media, blogging, etc. To create that legacy (Chuck) and reaffirm the family honor (Lily) and essentially cement their idealized concept of their social position in the world, it requires turning back to print and old technology, tradition and borrowed elements of the old social order (Princess Diana’s dress).

    I would say that a lot of the “modernity” comes from the need to aspire because there’s a shaky foundation on which their status is built upon. (See: semi-constant machinations and power plays and the ability of Lily, Serena, etc. etc. to fall from grace) Even the more established, Lily/Chuck need to struggle just as much as the less established Blair/Juliet and not in a way that makes it clear that they are simply maintaining a stable legacy. I think the show points this out in emphasizing that both “legacies” are new, changing, changeable, and easily taken away. People can waltz in and usurp Chuck’s position…and that’s been a plotline far too often over the last few seasons in a way that it couldn’t be if this weren’t an American story and was set somewhere with an established aristocracy. It’s not just the money and the infrastructure. Chuck’s name can easily be lost (see: time with Eva, appeal to Russell to maintain the Bass name and companies even under different management).


    • Gab #

      Cat, whatever you do, don’t take the Hemmingway class. Please.


      • cat #

        Why not? (I mean, I’m not going to but I might in the future.)


        • Gab #

          I’m biased…? Heh. I just never enjoyed Hemmingway, is all.


  2. Gab #

    About “straight edge.” I don’t really think I’ve heard people others would consider “straight edge” call themselves as such. The term itself, at least in the circles I’ve been in, has rather negative, judgmental tones, implying the lack of drinking and sleeping around is a result of the person’s lack of real personality or sense of adventure. They’re boring and a prude, a goody-two-shoes.

    Where did “straight edge” come from, precisely? (And “goody-two-shoes,” for that matter…)

    As for myself, grad school really does things to a person.


  3. Kate #

    The discussion about undergrad vs graduate education was spot on and realistic. Thank you for this podcast! Graduate education refines skills while real life asked to be glorified baby sitters. Grad school is a game and a pissing match battle of wits with Ph. Ds’ schmucks insisting how the world revolves, please continue to approach it as so. I enjoyed the episode but couldn’t help but ask since when is life in or out of college ever just “straight edge”? The reinvention of technology and returning to the roots was well blended and reminded me of Kathy Acker’s style. The podcast was hilarious! Great job

    a entertained grad education student,


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