Episode 34: Pompadullet

Stokes and Wrather consider the last four episodes of Glee.

Jordan Stokes joins Matthew Wrather to consider recent episodes of Glee: Britney Spears, Grilled Cheesus, Duets, and the Rocky Horror Glee Show. They are not universally admiring.

There will be no spoiler warnings and there will be many naughty words. If either of those things bothers you, don’t click!

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5 Comments on “Episode 34: Pompadullet”

  1. Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

    By the way, if you have access to a university library, you could find a worse way to spend your time than by reading the sociology magazine Contexts.



  2. Matthew Belinkie OTI Staff #

    Boys –

    Very interesting discussion! My eyerolling disdain for Glee is well-established, but I could listen to you two discuss “Valentines Day” for 60 minutes.

    So for the benefit of someone who hasn’t watched the show this season, how are they doing? Plotwise, I would imagine they face two issues:

    1. Last season, they had two deceitful pregnancies going on, which is kind of the A-bomb of high school drama. It’s the easiest scaffolding there is to build your season around. This year, what do they have for the overarching dramatic plot? And how can it possibly top Quinn getting pregnant and lying about it?

    2. On the musical front, the road to Regionals seems pretty unexiting. Are they going to end November sweeps with another showdown with Eve and the juvies (with the deaf kids as comic relief)? We DID that. My guess after the season finale was that they would somehow face Vocal Adrenaline in the fall (redistricting?), thus allowing the stakes to be higher (or at least different) for the second half of the season.

    But based on what you’ve been podcasting, it seems like the show is focusing on some standalone episodes and small-bore relationship drama, not so much the big bombshells or the competition aspects. Correct?

    – Matt


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

      I think that aside from the road to Nationals (taking place in NYC), the biggest overarching plotline has to do with Will and Emma.

      I agree that the competition glee-club stuff seems to be pretty unexciting.


      • Matthew Belinkie OTI Staff #

        Look, I know I’m going to be unsatisfied with the answer to this, but aren’t Regionals in May? When are States and Nationals?


  3. Megan from Lombard #

    I have a friend who loves Rocky Horror as well but loved the episode; she found having a girl play Frank to be very refreshing and a good reimaging of the character. Having never seen the entirity of the movie (or even going to a midnight showing) I have to say that it was an ok portrayal.

    But I do have a question- would it be legal for the Glee club to use the ticket sales to fund their trip to NYC? I thought that the funds from any school concert/play had to go into the general fund for band/theatre/etc and not just support one specific organization.


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