Open Thread for October 29, 2010

Jon Stewart, The Walking Dead, Saw 3D and a shout-out to our peeps.

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The big news in the States this weekend: the dual Jon Stewart / Stephen Colbert rally in D.C. this weekend. Entitled The Rally to Restore Sanity or The Rally to Keep Fear Alive, depending on which pundit you follow, it promises to be, well, loud and full of white people. Sheryl Crow, The Roots and the lead singer of Wilco are slated to perform.

Cthulhu's 'Rally to Cost You 1d100 Sanity' was not as well attended.

The most anticipated TV event for zombie fans comes this weekend, with AMC’s premiere of The Walking Dead. SPOILER ALERT: it’s the humans, who descend into savagery when confronted with the depleted resources brought on by a zombie apocalypse, who are the walking dead. Heavy stuff. Meanwhile, you can’t pay CBS to cancel Two and a Half Men, no matter what Charlie Sheen does.

Movies this weekend: Paranormal Activity 2, Saw 3D and the final installment of the Girl Who trilogy. The Swedish version, that is.

And, finally, thanks to our web hosting provider A2 Hosting for their help this month. We were lucky enough to see sustained high traffic unprecedented in the history of the site. Though we had a few bumps, the folks at A2 helped smooth out the worst of them.

Could Charlie Sheen get a million zombies to attend his Rally To Eat Braaaaaaaains? Or is there something we missed? Sound off in the comments, for this is your … Open Thread.

4 Comments on “Open Thread for October 29, 2010”

  1. Katie #

    1. Excited about the rally.
    2. Major cool/uncool points for the paper-dice Call of Cthulu reference. It’s been too long!
    3. I would pay CBS to cancel it, whyyyyyyy.


  2. Bob in San Diego #

    The Walking Dead had me at:

    1) Being on AMC. Breaking Bad is the best show on TV. Rubicon and Mad Men are in the top 10 shows. They have a better track record then HBO last decade.

    The Walking Dead had me at:

    2) Being about the Zombies. This could have come out all campy in conjunction with Hercules and Xena and I would have been sold. Zombies are the only scary thing that freaks me out and I love it.

    The Walking Dead had me at:

    3) Being a TV show based off of a graphic novel. Since Witchblade and Spawn TV shows came out, ‘Comic Book’ movies have gotten a lot better (Heck, the Blade TV show was actually pretty decent). Taking a good graphic novel and basing a show off of it – awesome.

    The Walking Dead had me at:

    4) Being a show that takes place after the apocalypse. Jericho was just shy of going into a show that was people surviving after the end of days. Life After People doesn’t have people. Left Behind and the Day After were more or less movies. Other than that, I can’t think of a weekly show that broached this subject (I’m sure there are, just none high profile and weekly). That is some HEAVY material that needs to be revealed.

    The Walking Dead had me at:

    5) Being a character drama first. The producer has been quoted as saying any show that is built on a premise is only great if you remove the premise and it is still good. I love him for saying this. If you take Cheers out of a bar – still a good show. Battlestar Galactica could have been placed anywhere outside of Sci-Fi and because of characters and drama, it still would be good. From early reviews of this show, you can remove the Zombies and put the show anywhere (Deserted Island, Plane Crash, Old West mining town – basically anyplace alone with people against each other) and it would be good.

    Sorry for being so long – but I would have watched for any one of those reasons. Being all together – whoa doggy I can’t wait till Sunday!


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