Episode 121: Mark Lee! Polo!

The Overthinkers tackle listener feedback, covering geeks and fate.

Matthew Wrather hosts with Natalie Baseman, Peter Fenzel, and Mark Lee to answer listener feedback, covering geeks (again), taking a controversial stand against hate, and wondering who chooses the chosen ones.


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3 Comments on “Episode 121: Mark Lee! Polo!”

  1. Chris #

    Re: Cheaters; There have been numerous reports about that show providing details that much of it is staged, including the infamous incident where the host was stabbed. While the show doesn’t cop to these claims, there is a decent amount of semi-reputable evidence to the contrary. All in all I hope it is fake, because that would make it slightly less repulsive, though it would still be egregiously repulsive.


  2. cat #

    God of Interpretation…someone get started on the program/app.


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