Open Thread for September 10, 2010

America’s Next Top Model, Nikita, Interpol, Joaquin Phoenix and the week ending September 10, 2010.

I’m an Open Thread, I am! An Open Thread, I am! Had an Open Thread every week before, ten more weeks and we’ll have ten more …

New shows this week: a new season of America’s Next Top Model and yet another adaptation of La Femme Nikita, this one titled simply Nikita. Both will feature glamorous ladies, secret missions handed down by eccentric masters and vicious combat. But only one will feature Miss J Alexander.


Armed and FABulous.

In music news, indie rock icons Interpol released their fourth album, conveniently named “Interpol,” this week. The critical consensus: sounds good, but not as epic as their debut album – though what really is in this age of hype? This was bassist Carlos D’s last album, before he moved on to imitating Crispin Glover at Back to the Future conventions.


Matador Records will release Carlos's first solo album, You Are My Density, in spring of 2011.

And the only movie worth talking about this weekend, apparently, is I’m Still Here, Casey Affleck’s documentary on Joaquin Phoenix’s burgeoning rap career and dwindling sanity. An entire army of reviewers have not figured out whether Phoenix is putting one over on the audience or no. But in the age of reality TV and mockumentaries, does it really matter? I’m Still Here sounds like indie culture which deserves a high level of scrutiny, so it doesn’t belong in our wheelhouse. Sorry.


For this to get any more meta, it needs Ben Affleck photographing it while US Weekly paparazzi stalk Ben, in an issue of US Weekly that you're reading. Aloud. To Marshall McLuhan.

Should Joaquin Phoenix’s hip-hop alter ego join Carlos D. as a judge on the debut season of America’s Next Top Hipster Icon? Or is there something we missed? Sound off in the comments, for this is your … open thread.

8 Comments on “Open Thread for September 10, 2010”

  1. dock #

    While it still has some time before its release, I felt the need to comment on the sequel to Wall Street that is set to hit theaters soon. I must say it looks pretty decent. It should be interesting to see if they manage to capture the political/economic landscape as they managed before. Btw- is it too early to deem Shea Lebouf (sp?) the new (pre-crazy) Tom Cruise? He sure seems to be filling the shoes left by Young Tom pretty nicely.


  2. Eli #

    Um, I’m not entirely sure if this is a proper topic to be Overthinking, but Duke Nukem Forever, the most delayed game of all time, was re announced at PAX this past week. I know there’s not much in the way of overthinking video games on this site, but Duke Nukem Forever seems like it has some merit. Perhaps not. Either way, seems like something worth mentioning in the thread.


    • John Perich OTI Staff #

      @Eli: I saw that. I’ll believe it when a copy hits shelves. If it actually does come out, though, it may merit an article.


  3. Matt #

    Duke Nukem Forever is the Chinese Democracy of video games.


    • lee OTI Staff #

      Only when it actually gets released will it be the Chinese Democracy of video games. Until then, it’s the…oh, I don’t even know if there’s anything else comparable in the entertainment world.


      • Wade #

        How about “Duke Nukem Forever is the Arrested Development Movie of video games”?


  4. Gab #

    Hey now, you’re forgetting Resident Evil: Afterlife! Yes, I saw it already. It was like the food the Lost Boys have in Hook: totally empty, but oh-so-sweet.

    Note: I tried to make the midnight showing, but, wouldn’t ya know it, the bloody theater didn’t have the key to open the file (it’s digital, you know, oooo), so they gave out “emergency tickets.” I redeemed mine less than twenty-four hours later.

    Oh, and to bring up a recurring theme that gets addressed in comments (but I don’t think any pieces as of yet): A FAMILY was in there, a few rows below me. An infant and a little boy of four (at the most) with Mom and Dad. A frikkin’ FAMILY. Yes, I stared judgmentally, and feel absolutely no remorse in doing so. I hope they felt the laser-eyes I sent their way every time the boy got scared. And the waves of seething rage when Dad would shush him for being scared.

    ::end high horse::


  5. Darin #

    I’m holding out for this whole Joaquin Phoenix thing to be a (well-done) sick joke. I think playing Johnny Cash twisted him up big-time. After I saw him on Letterman, I knew it wasn’t a joke. I think he is a solid actor, but the whole interview was over-the-top ( ).


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